Name seishun
Date Of Birth may 11
Timezone est/edt
MBTI istj, isfj
Age 17
Gender female
Ethnicity chinese
Sorting slytherin
  • i am prone to tweeting and retweeting in randomly huge waves.
  • i love ritsu sakuma and izumi sena a lot so if you dislike or hate either of them then it's probably best to not follow!
  • i switch from using he/him and they/them pronouns for arashi. i apologize if this is a bother.
  • i'm generally tolerant, but i may break mutuals if i see excessive amounts of things that make me uncomfortable (gore, racy text or just general nsfw, racism, homophobia, character or ship hate, pushing ships and claiming they're better than others).
  • please softblock (block and unblock) when breaking mutuals!

    ensemble stars
  • characters: izumi sena, ritsu sakuma, tsukasa suou, leo tsukinaga, kaoru hakaze, eichi tenshouin, wataru hibiki, keito hasumi, subaru akehoshi
  • ships: ritsuizu, leotsu, makomao, kaokana, eiwata, keichi, nazumika
  • clubs: tea club, archery club, tennis club
  • fgo, gbf, engirls, bandori, deemo, tsukiuta, kimi no na wa